Välkommen till vårt “Listening room” där du kan lyssna på några meditationer från våra kurser. Slappna av, följ med och låt oss guida dig på en inre resa.

Måndagsmeditation den 27 april 2020


Måndagsmeditation den 27 april 2020


Måndagsmeditation den 13 april 2020


 Måndagsmeditation den 6 april 2020


Måndagsmaeditation den 30 mars 2020


Måndagsmaeditation den 23 mars 2020


1 Etablera flöde – Meditation från den öppna kvällen den 15 oktober 2014.
Detta är vår första fria meditation. Här kan du bekanta dig med energierna och öppna dig för flödet. Även om du inte var med vid meditationstillfället kommer du att få del av den närvarande energin genom att lyssna. (29 min)


2. Meditation – Börja på nytt
Go into your heart and connect your heart to the heavens and to the Earth. Imagine hat there is a thin thread of light to the centrum of the Universe and to the centre of the Earth from your heart. Imagine that through this thread you receive light both from Earth and the centre of the Universe and it is forming a beautiful shining sphere of light in your heart. Let all the things you want to change glide into this sphere and let them take on a shape they want. You do not have to control this process just allowed it to happen. You may sense the change or get information on the next step. But it may not be a case, and that is fine too. Be ensured that you will know what to do even your mind does it not at the moment. Of cause if you get information how you should change your life situation to help this process follow it.

It can happen that things may disappear from your life or change remarkably after this meditation. Do not feel sad or frightened if this happens. Those things, which disappear, were not able to change and attune to the energies of your highest possibilities to live a better life, a life that is in harmony with your highest path and with Earth.
You can do this journey whenever you want and include all kinds of activities, habits, work situations, relationships in this sphere and let it harmonize with your highest way. Have a nice journey.